Corporate Profile

    BAGCO CREDIT was officially organized on September 7, 1964 with a paid-up capital of only P6,625.00, P 4,625.00 of which was borrowed for a day from the President/author's father.

    BAGCO CREDIT was initially set up as a credit investigation agency.  The unprofitability of this line of business, prompted a shift in the company's operations in 1967 to collection of bad debts.

    Much of BAGCO CREDIT's success in its field can be traced to its development of collection techniques, uniquely suited to Philippine business and social environment. This adaptability led to the resounding success of its "NO COLLECTION, NO CHARGE" Plan, the most successful of the company's various client-oriented collection plans. 

    BAGCO CREDIT today has total resources of almost P50.0 Million more or less and, an employee force of 20 persons, all no-nonsense professionals in the credit and collection discipline.

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is a fifty three - year

 (53) old financial services company.  It actually

started business in 1963.  Its SEC

certificate of registration was granted

on November 16, 1964.


BAGCO helps melt business blocks to keep liquidity of your operation flowing.

Retained Counsels: Alfonso & Associates
Bank: Metropolitan Bank 
Auditor: M. Laygo & Associates