Suite 7A, GMA Lou-Bel Plaza, No. 7514 Bagtikan St., corner Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City 1203
Tel: (+632) 899-2557 to 58    Email: bagcocredit@gmail.com   Website: www.bagcocredit.com.lph



Bagco Credit Collection Corporation (BAGCO CREDIT) is a collection management corporation; the pursuit of which demands conduct befitting a profession.

We consider our business relations with our clients as a trust founded on mutual confidence;

We always strive to safeguard and protect the interest of our clients;

By doing so, we never forget that the debtor or the borrower has rights to be safeguarded, reputation to protect and dignity to uphold;

We assist creatively and cooperate positively in any credit, collection or money problems of our clients and their debtors as well as borrowers, instead of creating them ;

We are not only a friend in good times but in bad times as well;

We do not choose to be common. It is our right to be uncommon. We seek opportunity - not security;

It is only in these ways that the pursuit of our objectives of service to our clients and debtors alike, can lead to mutual respect, fruitful and satisfying business relationships.


Last Updated: January 2017